Here’s to 2016!

I seem to be coming here very less, given the WordPress editor is looking really different – in a good way! And of course the last year’s statistics on the blog prove that – 2 blogs in the whole year – sad! :P

Anyhow, definitely improving on the count this year, the reason I have decided to blog more often – maybe twice once a month as a far-fetched target! :D (Now that I’ve publicly declared, I should stick to it! :P )

Edit: As the popular quote goes – January was a trial – the year begins from February! :D No wonder this post is being reviewed for publishing after a month of starting it! :O

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I wrote this sometime back, so this one’s from the archives but still stirs the same amount of emotions and connect with the present. I started framing this in mind since weeks, writing it in the app since yesterday night, and kind of finished it now. And while I really didn’t have anything much to […]

Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. D Day: Embrace All Experiences

Teachers’ Day finally & the countdown has ended. After wishing everyone whose contribution I remembered through these posts (and also a few more, while definitely missing many) on this day, (well, after a tiring long Monday) I now sit down to write what my favourite teacher for life taught – Maa.

Embrace All Experiences – They All Teach You Something

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