Some people unknowingly do leave a very deep impression..

Really amazing it is that someone whom I’d not even followed much in the past many years managed to leave a pretty deep impact on me on his passing – yes I’m talking of Rajesh Khanna – the legendary superstar who left us this week.

And it is nothing of the superficial sense that I talk – I would not have sat down to recover a long lost blog after such months on this topic had it been otherwise..

That said, the demise of Rajesh Khanna did bring forward an umpteen amount of thought treasure that the great actor had accumulated over the years. It is surprising – now I think – that I missed his movies, especially Anand – something which is such an incredible piece of art work !

Anand, a story of a man, who has no one as his family, and only 3 months to live in this world – but still manages to win the hearts of everyone around with his constant chatter & exuberance ! And his famous dialogue, rather many in this movie, but one amongst them which characterises life – and should for all – a lot, “Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi !”. Live big not long !

No matter how much I try – this phrase just doesn’t move out of my head ! And rather shouldn’t also I feel..

Greatness for that matter isn’t even related to age, though the great – if live long can surely heal the world with their charm.

And greatness need not be  in worldly terms – like affecting crores – but even if you manage to be great for the people around you – keep them happy for the time they are with you, and they be happy thinking of you while you aren’t along – is enough greatness expected out of a being !

The feeling that you affected a person – be it a lone one, and sleeping with the thought that you made at least one person smile, surely results in joy and peaceful sleep ! :)

And it’s not just people as great as Rajesh Khanna who affect us this way.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many of such kind !

People who manage to keep you happy all day, make you laugh the moment they call, make you laugh almost the whole time you are with them, share your stories – your joys & sorrows, fuel in enthusiasm to help you go with the flow of this world – which sadly is pretty harsh at many times, manage to pull you out of the gloomiest moments – they are actual heroes of life – the great ones for me !

Some people actually don’t realise how much of a treasure they are for few ! ;)

Par fir..

Zindagi ek safar hai sufana.. Yahaan kal kya ho – kisne jaana ! :D

Live long, live great ! ;)


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