De bas dua itni..

While winding up the day late at night, thinking of the day as a whole, it surely doesn’t feel good to know about the many people who are having a struggle of their own. Some one or the other is upset because of something.. And this prompts me into a little prayer each time, last night thought of writing it down before sleeping…

Jab dekha iss duniya mein
tha itna dard, tanhaai itni..

Mile unn logon se
jinhone bayaan kari
bechainiyan apni..

Aaya sirf yehi mann mein..

Ae khuda na rula itna logon ko
ki bhool jayein woh hasna
na kara tapasya itni

Logon ko banaya khushiyan baantne ke liye
Woh karein yehi har pal
De bas dua itni.. :)


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