2 months to doom time ?!

To think of it this way – it is 21st October, 2012 today – exact 2 months to the predicted doomsday – 21st December, 2012 ! So yes, something to ponder upon I guess..

Let us for once believe that the doomsday is nearing, I then think of the unique human nature – which still nevertheless keeps on dreaming of the future – the future it might not even see ! The young man who still keeps on planning for his career, what he’ll do in the next 10 years; the mid-aged-on-top CEO planning about his next career leap, about his family; the father who plans for his daughter’s marriage years away; the mother who waits eagerly for her son to grow up to serve her the same way she’s doing now while knowing it still is a far away sight… So many plans, inspite of the fact that probably tomorrow is just not there. The beauty of being hopeful. Endearing.

Yet, on the other side, many have changed, changed for the better though. Many who have now started living by the philosophy “Live as if it’s your last”. And amongst the many things, the best is savouring the moment & paying the due gratitude to the fellow beings !

It is true that we shouldn’t think twice before saying what we feel, saying that little thank you, saying how much you’re grateful to someone for being there & helping you out in your tough times, telling someone – especially your family at times – how much they mean to you, telling them how much you love them ! But yeah, the sad part is that in the humdrum of this busy life – where we are competing with almost everyone & also with time – we kind of forget saying so as often as we should !

So the best thing to do is – even if you know the Mayan Calendar’s doomsday date predicted has passed due to some calculation mistake (great ! :P ), even if nothing out of 2012 the movie seems to be happening till now (yes, not even the people in New York City, the place where everything happens according to every movie, have experienced anything yet ! ), I still feel today is the best day to say what you feel to those people who matter, and probably the day to sit and thank God on how inspite of everything it is a privilege to get up every morning & live the hopes that we base our mere existence on.

Well, it’s my fast today (Navratras going on ;) ) so probably even more the spiritual inclination, but as always, Thank You God for the Wonderful Life ! :)

God bless all.. :)


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