The Average Life

To think about it this way – the average life probably is the most pathetic rendition of living the magnificent life of a human being ! I say so this looking at the way people feel so let down almost the whole of their lives.. Yeah once or twice might have been normal – but keeping that tensed look on your face – making it a part of your life throughout your days, months, years rather is actually not living at all !

Saw a man walking down the road. Depressed, head held low, out of motivation, out of confidence.. And when I told my Mom who was walking besides, she said there’s a lot in this world that people have to struggle for – not everyone has an easy life.. I said fine – but can motivation be earned only when someone else does it for you – can confidence be created only by people around !? Pulling ourselves together, self-confidence, self-motivation is probably the only thing that guy needed. May God bless him with that.

P.S.: It actually IS pretty motivating to complete a blog-post while on the treadmill ! :D


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