Starting a sub-blog for tech ideas ! Yayy ! :D

As a matter of fact, I’ve always been writing down something or the other in relation to the websites or softwares – better to say any IT – that I’ve used extensively or that has excited me so much that I’ve thought of other uses or feature additions for the same. To give out a personal habit of long, I’ve a huge notes section in my Outlook that has all these notes – ranging from small one line hints to a long 2-3 para idea verbal – all sectioned under what could possibly be yet another feature addition.

But these have often been just there – hidden under layers of protection. Apart from the spiked-energy-and-passion-level times when I’ve gone to the extent of posting these as feedback on the concerned sites, many still lay unheard of or unspoken of. Mostly due to the lazy me. Yeah, it takes a lot of time figuring out where the Feedback link is in most sites ! In fact even Facebook lacks a direct Feedback link on the homepage. Which though might have been intentionally not posted there to avoid spam – it surely makes people like me keep thoughts to themselves – internal dialogue on the feedback – period.

Thankfully internal dialogue only interests to a wee-bit time – not more. The reason I thought I should share some of that “treasure” (killed modesty ! :P ) so that probably somehow it comes into use – some day – or till the time I myself don’t make use of it in any of my own product designs ! :D

So starting this month (yes, I deliberately delayed this post to 2nd April ! ;) ) I would be posting about any idea that clicks me for the sites I visit or any application I use.  Also, do spare me if you see social networking sites mentioned or talked about more than needed – they essentially form a great deal of my job profile for long now !

And taking the liberty of the Monday morning blues transferring to Tuesday – I think I can delay the first post in this section till the weekend or till yet another energy-spike doesn’t occur – which forces me to type out the “idea” (I like this word – a thought seems grand this way ! :D ) even during office hours ! The wait won’t be long ! ;)

Till then, all be well in love & tech ! ;)


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