Why it all starts with “Me”

Today seems to be a very apt day to start this conversation. Not because of any other less obvious reason, but for THE main reason that this day stands for – the Delhi State Election Results Day.

The story of the elections was pretty much about choosing the lesser evil. Not getting too political here, but as I read it somewhere, (kudos to the writer for putting it in the statistics we can best understand without much drama!)

“I will give you plain logic rather than my opinion about whom you should vote for.

So you see these options (major ones):

Option A: Chances of being corrupt = 100% (based on History)
Option B: Chances of being corrupt = 100% (Same reason as above)
Option C: Chances of being corrupt = K %, where K is an unknown value due to a lack of history.

You should know whom to put your bets on.”

And with whoever who comes into power, one thing’s for certain, the public rant of “nothing is happening”, “the government isn’t doing anything”, “sab chor hain/all are corrupt” just won’t stop. Change takes time, and this is something that many of us take time to understand & at times something which the government takes undue advantage of. That said, shouldn’t we at least appreciate the government for the fact that they are running the world’s largest democracy, without it totally collapsing ?

I think somewhere down in history we forgot that the country is made up of us, not just the government.

So if you ask me, it doesn’t matter who comes into power, what matters more is how much have You decided to contribute in the nation’s development ? Are You ready to let go of bribing the traffic police to let you off the challan ? Are You ready to stand up against the eve-teasers that trouble a fellow female ? All this while you might have to go through the regular route of the law, which can easily take time.

So rather than the typical Arnab Goswami query every night asking “The Nation Wants To Know”, shouldn’t it be a statement each night that says “The Nation Wants To Show How It’s Done” ?!

It isn’t surprising what the country can do if it takes upon itself. Remember the last December outburst for the Nirbhaya case ? Recently the cry over the Arushi case, the Tehalka case (not too apt examples, but definitely instances of when the public created a huge debate on the issues) ? Going back in history – the very start of our independence – the Salt Satyagrah ? Margaret Mead said it right “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.

Asking not too much, can we just ask of ourselves one thing – to not forget that with rights there are also duties which we have as the citizens of the nation.

How about spending this Sunday revising those before we are engulfed with all the political talk ?

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

Will write in real soon, have something dear to share ! ;)


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