LinkedIn could do with some change..

Been thinking of updating my LinkedIn profile for long now! But then just when I collect all my thoughts do so – the sections start seeming misplaced to me :/

I think LinkedIn could do with some changes in the LinkedIn profile structure. Consider the following, if you may:

  • I’ve been active during my college days in fairly many extra-curricular activities, which includes holding posts such as the President for the Computer Science Society – which are currently added as my work experience. While I’ve no doubt learnt a lot, and it should be considered as my work experience, but it would’ve been so much better alongside the college entry! Something like “Posts Held” or “Leadership Positions Held” under each entry in the Education section could be a good option. Ultimately a good resume would highlight all these things – even a good recruiter would want to know these, so why not give it a good distinct space? Also, though it may not be too important for seasoned professionals – it REALLY is important for the students still studying & keeping an updated LinkedIn profile.
  •  And while we are at it, an Internships section in the Education section as well? While not many would’ve taken an internship, and definitely not necessarily during their degrees, but what’s the harm in adding one section? Would help structure the LinkedIn profile so well! (Seems like no one thought from the angle of a student creating a LinkedIn profile! One important user-profile feels neglected :| )
  •  Another thing that I usually think of having a feature added to – recommendations! Shouldn’t we have the option of shifting the recommendations from one entry to the other? I know this might sound absurd – but consider the above scenario. I’ll be shifting the ECA entry as a regular work experience entry to the college entry, so while I do that I lose my recommendation on that ECA entry. If only I would’ve been able to relocate the recommendation to the new position. This would remove the displeasure of asking the recommender to recommend again! Though while shifting the recommendations we would be seeking approvals from the recommender, but I think that’s just a click & done kind of routine – way more easy than typing down another recommendation (which would also change the date of the recommendation – too many new recommendations don’t look good!)
  •  And what happens to the seasoned professionals – they could also do with one important additional feature to the profile. The ability to add all promotions in one company under the same entry. How many times have you seen a profile with many entries of the same company, with just the designation change? Way too frequently, and of course a good sign of loyalty & long-term growth. So why not address it by giving people an option to add designations to a company entry, along with the dates (from & to) to account for all the promotions/work-profile change? And while the work might have changed over time, it would be great to see how people highlight the highs of their career in that company, while also making visible the great career growth the company provides through the series of posts held over that long period!
  •  Another feature that could be good, while in sync with LinkedIn’s Pro bono campaign “LinkedIn for Good”, would be to offer people the ability to list their Pro bono Work Experiences just as their regular work experiences. This instantly highlights a great deal of the goodness the person’s spreading around. Though we can add under the Organizations section the non-profits we are a part of, but a Pro bono Work Experience section just adds that spark of greatness to the profile. We all know why.
  • Maybe a fun feature to add too? You know the way we have links to our cloud storage files – the ones on DropBox, or Google Drive or any other, to give access to someone to view the document or download that folder of ours without actually adding them as a collaborator, just through a sharing link. If we could’ve a one-time link (could be changed, could be disabled – whatever be made mandatory for security) for our LinkedIn profiles, that would be great! Imagine not having to add someone to your LinkedIn as a connection just because you need to refer to your online resume! Also, what if I don’t want to make my profile public? This serves as the best option to share our LinkedIn profile, complete with the recommendations, as & when needed. Maybe you would want someone in the admissions office to see it – without all those security cover-ups. Or maybe your next recruiter? Or maybe someone advising you on how to make a great LinkedIn profile! We surely need not add everyone & anyone to our LinkedIn circle because of a one-time interaction. Agree? Think over it a bit more, I did my bit.

Probably just these many that I could think of right now. But will keep on adding more as I think of them. Till then, happy birthday! (Each day is a new day, eh? ) ^_^


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