So a friend of mine (much of a fan now it seems too ;) ) asked me how I manage to remain happy at all times. Though that isn’t entirely true – people who’ve seen me at my worst know I’m not that chirpy at all times (just some grand days). But, for the happiness part, I think I’ve 3 cardinal rules, which I did take time to learn:

1) Ignorance is bliss.
You should poke in only when it’s REALLY necessary, otherwise “mind your own business makes” sense.

2) Live & Let Live.
Being judgemental is fine, but imposing those judgements, I don’t think so.
(Though this does become a bit tricky with near & dear ones, especially when you care. Often a caring attitude might be mistaken as interference, but honesty helps.)

3) Life is love & love is life.
This can be a *bit* controversial, but anyhow. :P
Each new day should be given its chance. Getting high on life is not wrong, but just the right way to live. And then having some lovely people in life helps.

And lastly, why this post?
Sharing is caring ;)


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