The Matchsticks & The Matchbox

Constant reminders to update my blog does make me take something out of a private folder into the public domain. ;)

A parallelism. Since life often is about introspection.

One morning, when I was lighting the diya for the prayer, I started thinking something. Even though the matchstick with which I lit the diya had very thin coating on the head, the matchbox side was really rough, therefore the friction was perfect and the matchstick ignited well. While the other day when I trying to ignite a matchstick (which was pretty well coated on the head) with a matchbox having a smoothed striking sheet on the side, ­ it really took me numerous attempts to light it, and probably I had to change the matchstick too.

Much like life.

The rough surface of the matchbox is like the various hard times we have. The smoothed surface like the monotonous, safe life we tend to make ours. We are the matchsticks. So, even though we might not have much coating (not much intelligence or education) ­ we would still light bright if we go through the tough times in life ­because they’ll teach us with experience and we’ll be more stronger to face the world & anything that comes along after that. On the other hand, even though we might be having all the intelligence of the world and every possible formal education, if we have a smooth ride for ourselves or a monotonous, safe life ­- it really would be difficult for us to ignite our passions, to set ourselves aflame with brilliance & glory.

Amazing isn’t it, how a little object teaches you so much about life?

That’s why I often talk about ­observing life, ­it’ll give you all the answers. Remember the Alchemist? It said the same thing. Whatever you’re seeking is right there in front of you -­ you just have to look enough to get it. All answers.

The matchstick also taught me another thing.

We all are burning each day. We all are getting consumed. So it is better we value each experience & each day of our lives before we are totally burned out.

Enjoy the now. Enjoy the company we have. And appreciate them & say thanks. Just make it enough so that you don’t have regrets later on.

And as my dear mentor once wrote in:

You will fulfil your dharma if you are harmonious, gracious, grateful, loving, inclusive and kind.

What else for a great today. :)


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