A wrong turn & detours

Often daily situations make the proxy writer inside me feel the urge to type out something – which essentially happens to be reading out a bit more than necessary into the seemingly normal situation.

So here goes another one, while I’m still half way to reach home.

We happened to start just on time, calculating the off peak timings so that there’s less rush on the way back. But just by mistake we took a wrong turn from our regular route, which had been chosen after due experimentation & measures. What happened next was a series of lefts & rights so as to get on the most appropriate path back home. Complete with traffic jams – one after the other.

Much like life & goal chasing.

Going after a goal, trying to attain that through the calculated route, doesn’t guarantee that we reach our destination in the measured time duration. Even though we might be the most detail oriented planner, there’s bound to be a wrong turn on the way, which would demand course correction so as to reach the original destination. And if you’re the more adventurous kind, a new destination. All this still doesn’t guarantee the time factor. There will be delays – time consuming waits along the way, there could be freeways too – totally depends on your luck. You may take some short cuts on the way, which comes from your past experiences, but that too doesn’t give you the assurance of an easy way ahead.

But, all this is definitely a great experience (a mini adventure too, if you enjoy the journey & not just keep yourself focused on the goal). You would learn so much that you wouldn’t have otherwise – I learnt a new route back home! ;)

And reaching the destination, however late, gives even more satisfaction. Like reaching home, finally.


Dinner time. And till another quick post (yes, making this a category now here :D ), enjoy the ride!


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