Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 13: Participate in problem solving

Carrying on the gratitude for the amazing people who’ve invested in me, despite of not being my formal teachers, here goes the second lesson in the Teachers’ Day fortnight countdown series.

Always try to include solutions from your side whenever presenting someone with a problem/issue. This way you are equally invested in the problem-solving process.

So this one came from my supervisor while I was working (outside of my family business). He always used to emphasize that we be as much part of the problem solving process & not just present the problem to someone – be it our seniors, colleagues, clients or any one else. His advice was that we come up with 2 solutions to the problem presented, this way the person you’re presenting it to has options to agree or disagree to & also knows that you’re equally concerned about solving it. Also, it fastens the process of solving the issue at hand.

While on the hindsight it may look like you are doing your boss’s work ( :P ) it definitely is a wonderful exercise if you look beyond. When working on a problem yourself, you firstly realise whether it is a problem worth highlighting or something you can take care of yourself, or just put aside (hope you put in due judgement before ignorance!). After that has been taken care of, when you are thinking up solutions to the issue, though you may not have the best solution, you would realise the constraints & the opportunities present in the scenario. So this way, when you are presented with a solution to the issue, you would be well aware of the background due to which it was decided, not just question someone’s judgement (though again, you might come across some people who just don’t think too much about proper judgement). Also, if you don’t feel right about the solution decided, you can always present a valid argument for something else. Because, well, you’ve been there & done that brainstorming!

And, if you look at it, this advice definitely helps you even beyond the work environment – in personal or social life too. At times helping us curb our incessant complaining habits, because we are making sure that when we come up with a problem, it’s actually something that we thoroughly thought through.

Adding to this, you may not always get a solution to your problems/issues. But you would have firstly asked the best person to answer it before you seek help – yourself. :)

Definitely been a good advice to follow & I’ve kept that in mind since then.


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