Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 10: No alternative for experience

Carrying forward a series can be quite interesting at times! So here’s the next one.

Keep adding the degrees, but no there’s no alternative for experience.

Business or consulting comes with a want to add a management degree to the resume. And amongst all this confusion came this conversation with one of my dear friends (alongwith an appreciation for my tea :P ), which is rightly summarised below in a quote by Albert Einstein:

Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.

Couldn’t have agreed more!

The best of entrepreneurs or even the best developers are people who’ve learnt on the job not via the degrees. In fact there have been so many instances where the work a brilliantly successful person is doing is entirely different than the degree he/she has – the best example being Steve Jobs (how could I not quote him!). Yes, the knowledge earned through the degree is of great value – but learning on the job has a recall value that no amount of flash cards or exams can ingrain! So yeah, get the degree but get the experience for sure! Eventually it’ll all fit in.


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