Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 9: A Passionate Team – Everything Possible!

Reached the single digits on the countdown! Yayy!

A really passionate team would put up a great show immaterial of the resources or the support available. They make it happen!

So this advice was more seen than actually told! It was amazing to see how my Supervisor had put up a great passionate team to complete a campaign at hand. And even though we all didn’t have the best of resources at hand in a timely manner – the energy with which we went forward with it anyhow was enormous, ultimately making the campaign a huge success!

Evidently, the energy is infectious. And even if there were people in the team who weren’t really positive or a bit doubtful of the turnout, they too became a part of the movement and supported it throughout. Proof enough what passion does – makes the energy flow your way! ;)

A short one before the big Monday! :P Tomorrow shall have more content! ^_^


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