Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 8: Failure Is Essential

Mondays can be quite hectic. And you realize that only after a tired Monday night. (Obviously! :P ) So continuing the series for Teachers’ Day & acknowledging the efforts of others who became our teachers in the course of life while selflessly shaping our future for the better.

Failure is Essential.

How do you respond to someone who comes over to discuss a business proposal but while seeing your enthusiasm & potential also gives you an advice to fail? Well, can be a very tricky situation then. And most probably you won’t even understand why they said – until you’ve failed and realized why it was necessary!

So this incident happened while I was in my last year of college & already taking much interest in the family business & working at some projects also. One of our clients came home for an evening discussion of a new business proposal. I being the super excited, always interested in business talks person, was obviously a part of the discussions. After completing the discussions & seeing me actively taking part in it, that person asked about my goals & what I wanted to do – and as a matter of fact sorts said – “but kid, to be a great success you should fail at least once in life”!

While in college & already at the most upbeat stage in life, failure isn’t something that’s a part of the talks ever! We only talk of possibilities & dreams and what would happen when. But I think what was shared was greatly true. And realization took some time – and some failures of course.

Why failure is truly necessary is because it teaches you how to fight back (and you learn how hard you can fight back), it teaches you resilience – the most important quality for anyone to succeed (and you learn how patient you are & how much grit you have), and most importantly – it redirects you towards what really matters! Clearing the picture each time. It’s like a white wash in your house every time you fail. A new chapter, with better wisdom & understanding of how things work and of course a more knowledgeable you who knows the tricks of the trade now.

What was then a very weird advice for someone to give to me now became a very important one in life. Something which has laid the foundation to all the learning that has been there. It also teaches you another thing – no one’s always 100% right & that’s their secret to success. :)

Until next time & another post. Sayonara :)


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