Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 7: Ask yourself first

As I continue this series, I seem to have been noticing each day and taking in each moment as a teacher – so that seems to be a good side effect of this exercise! ;)

Ask yourself first before you ask anyone else for an answer.

So this learning came from a dear friend again, who while asking me an abstract question during our discussions around psychology & human behaviour (something which couldn’t have been replied in just yes/no or via any universal definition) didn’t want me to put that question up as a Google/Quora search. The reason being that I should be giving answers to that question based on my experiences and perspectives only. This limitation and the fact that I couldn’t just go click search (the easiest way out) didn’t just make me realise how more often than not we form opinions based on what the world around us creates for us, it also made me realise how important it is to have a self opinion (or answer) first to abstract questions, our perspective which is solely created based on our experiences and what we deem right or wrong – not what the society thinks is. And we often neglect having this self opinion since a search & answer is often more easier than thinking through the question and pondering over all the dimensions to it.

A very sane advice, not too often paid heed to. But something which definitely helps create a new world order, not just promoting populist mindsets having no logical reasoning to them.


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