Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 5: Learn To Chill

Well, after a bit of a serious post yesterday, this definitely makes more sense!

Learn To Chill!

So this came from one of the most chilled out people I’ve met. It’s like I’m observing a person in a state of nirvana almost always (though apart from a few bouts of anger, something to prove human). Seeing the anxious me at most times – this suggestion was straight out – chill! Whatever you’re stressing on is just not worth the amount of stress you’re giving it. And the best way to deal with anything that life throws at you is with a calm mind.

This reminds me of what the military people believe is the best thing they learned – to chill! The calm attitude in times of extreme pressure or anxiety is what makes them adept at dealing with panic situations – like when the enemy tanks are approaching and you don’t have enough ammunition with yourself – yikes! If you really have to take the whole troop out before anyone of them is killed, you really need a very calm & focused mind to think of a solution. An anxious mind will only let you focus on one thing – the thing you’re stressing on! And that gets you no solution. Something we should thank God that our military knows quite well – how to be the chilled out people that they’re (the parties are proof enough :D )

So yeah, chill dude! While I come back with yet another post in the series tomorrow! ^_^


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