Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 4: Try & Get The Answers Yourself First

Continuing the Teachers’ Day series, acknowledging the great mentors, friends & value system builders I’ve come across in my lifetime of whatever little years.

Try & get the answers yourself first, before asking anyone else for help.

This again comes from one of my dear friends.

We all have tendencies to ask for help on something before we have even tried solving it on our own. The reason could be anywhere on the scale – it could be sheer laziness or it could be much doubt upon yourself to find a solution! Whatever the reason be, we often skip the part wherein we put in a fair bit of effort to find out the answers by ourselves first. Obviously, asking someone else is always easier & faster than figuring it out yourself, and if that person happens to be a pro at solving the problem you have at hand – well, the best solution too! But this very habit at times stagnates our own very learning curve. We avoid diving in deep into anything new & avoid trying to figure it out by ourselves, and this way we also avoid finding out a better alternative to the already present solutions to the problem.

Much of what happens in educational/coaching institutes at all times. A major part of their curriculum is already compiled Q&A which they memorise & repeat. The creativity, the imagination & the curiosity then take a backseat during this sorts of a learning process.

This lesson for me wasn’t just something to remember once in a while, but also something that totally changed my approach to learning. I seem to have becomes more patient with the problems at hand & I can spend loads of time figuring out the solution & definitely don’t feel like giving up before finding one – so that’s a good habit change :D


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