Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 2: Create Your Income Based On Your Lifestyle

Just a day left for the Teachers’ Day. And the second last post in the series thanking my mentors, friends, family & special people who have taught me so much, and aided much to my growth.

Create Your Income Based On Your Lifestyle – Not The Other Way Round.

This one comes from Dad dearest. He & Mom always tell us all to dream big & not let finances or lack of resources get in the way. You’ll figure out how to make up for that lack with time & your smartness and intelligence. So, one way of also making sure we are moving up the ladder on dreaming big was to tell us never to compromise on our lifestyle based on our earning, but rather work hard to accomplish that lifestyle – however grand it may be. Of course it came with riders – don’t steal, don’t fool/use anyone & definitely don’t harm anyone in that pursuit BUT definitely DEFINITELY aim higher & work harder to achieve that lifestyle & maintain it. Also, what happens when we do it the other way is that we don’t realise the opportunities available for us. We have already limited ourselves and therefore don’t search out for resources – living in a standard constrained way all our life. Extremely boring & insanely depressing I would say!

Glad that our parents raised us with that attitude (and in that doing spoiled & pampered us quite a bit!). And I’m sure this one comes out of Dad’s library (I’m certain I saw Napoleon Hill’s books there!).

So wrapping up till tomorrow. To the Monday! ^_^


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