Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 3: Solve It or Find Humour In It

Just a few days to go for the Teachers’ Day. And now as I look back – it’s been great recollecting the lessons given by some of the best people I’ve met in life & those who became teachers for me.

Problems In Life & Dealing With Them – Either Solve Them Or Find Humour In Them

This again comes from a very dear friend & something which is often repeated anytime I start cribbing beyond the tolerable limit! :P And it is something very easy to follow if you look at it.

Most of our problems are of 2 types – the type which we can do something about to solve & the type we can’t do anything to solve, something which is truly out of our doing and can only be resolved with time (or alien invasion probably). And at all times it is the second type which truly stresses us – the ones out of our league to solve! The reaction parameters to such issues are also extreme – sleepless nights, self-doubts, fear of the unknown & what not. But this friend just puts it all aside & says to do just one thing – laugh it off!

Yes, at first it may appear to be the most absurd thing to do – especially if the issue/problem is really grave. But with time you realize that everything – yes EVERYTHING in life – has some humour. Even the people on the road, homeless & fighting hunger, have something that can make them laugh in that very state – maybe the people they come across or maybe the kid who makes them smile with his antics – even they would always have something to laugh or smile about. And the better part about happiness – the side-affect of this exercise – is that it makes dealing with such issues easy. For it makes time fly.

Ever noticed that when you’re grieving the time seems to be passing really slowly? And on the flip side, ever noticed the time fly away real fast when you’re enjoying the moment? Time Perception. Psychologists who have studied this phenomenon have confirmed that people do indeed perceive time differently depending upon their mental state and the activities they’re engaged in. This very phenomenon is something that can help us deal with our issues – the unsolvable ones.

If we just trick our mind to enjoy the present moment & be happy – our perception of the time & the problem totally changes. And voila! It isn’t even something that’s disturbing us anymore. The Buddha Mode – On! ;)

This trick’s been of help SO many times that I can’t even remember! And truly thankful to have been taught to think this way. :)

Until next time – be happy! ^_^

P.S.: I can’t resist adding this here :D


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