100 Days to the New Year

Countdowns seem to be getting the better of me. They somehow happen to be the energy boosters & this one would be my favourite one till date. 100 days to the new year! And if you take it in another sense – the 100 day challenge to make the best of the days remaining in this year! :D

I really don’t know when & how this one got into my thinking pool, but since the time it has landed here, it has managed to stay on the surface – offering quite an interesting proposition.

The 100 days countdown to the new year, and this countdown could be for anything:

  • 100 Days of Happiness
  • 100 Days of Gratitude
  • 100 Days of Making the best of 2016
  • 100 Days of Learning a new skill

And a lot more..

Ever felt the adrenaline rush to be the better version of yourself each day?

If not till now, this one is going to be really exciting!

23rd September, that is today, happens to be just 100 days from the New Year’s Day. So, here’s your chance to start the 100 day challenge for yourself. Mine happens to be all the four mentioned above, especially the 100 Days of Gratitude – something I would be tweeting each day! :)

And before you decide your 100 days challenge, I leave you with the following quote, maybe this gives your idea machine the requites fuel:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?


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