Friends of a Lifetime

It’s a very different sorts of feeling today.
Of what the hint of old age brings to people’s lives.
Seeing 3 friends of 50 years reminisce
Of tales, family and the folks that died.

It must be weird living their way
Having the world undergo a change
Of generations with different values
And of cultures changing totally astray.

They were brought up in a time
When the families were joint
The kids of all brotherhood
Living together in the same kind.

When entertainment was food,
Sewing and trips to all parades
And evenings of a movie
At a society household after the evening prayers.

They said that were the simpler times
Not much of thoughts of betrayal
Maybe they grew up on the wrong side
I think, of the time train.

Now they have ailments which got no respite
They have wishes which still don’t see the light
These, the women, almost always under the kind
Of the men who seem to have taken them
Granted for too long a time.

Would they have a happier time ahead
They know not such a time
But these 3 sisters are a pillar of strength
Rooting for each amongst them for a lifetime.

I believe
Thus is friendship
And thus is life.


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