Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 13: Participate in problem solving

Carrying on the gratitude for the amazing people who’ve invested in me, despite of not being my formal teachers, here goes the second lesson in the Teachers’ Day fortnight countdown series.

Always try to include solutions from your side whenever presenting someone with a problem/issue. This way you are equally invested in the problem-solving process.

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Dear Self

Human stories,
Of happiness & sorrow,
Of bliss & struggle,
Of excitement & depression,
Of love & sadness,
Of contentment & anxiety,
Of friends & enemies,
Of families, the right & the wrong kind,
Of wonder & monotony,
Oh my! There are so many.

Filling us with awe,
Curiosity of the right way,
Understanding of the unfairness,
And the gratitude for everything along.
The celebration of the diversity,
Of feelings, of stages, and of
languages the heart decides.

Life truly is a marvel,
and it is an adventure
On which we’ve embarked,
Dear Self.