Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. D Day: Embrace All Experiences

Teachers’ Day finally & the countdown has ended. After wishing everyone whose contribution I remembered through these posts (and also a few more, while definitely missing many) on this day, (well, after a tiring long Monday) I now sit down to write what my favourite teacher for life taught – Maa.

Embrace All Experiences – They All Teach You Something

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Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 6: You Understand Situations Only After Experiencing Them

Continuing the blog series on Teachers’ Day, acknowledging not only the teachers who taught us in school or college, but also the people – our mentors, contacts or friends who taught us so much despite not being our formal teachers. As they say, everyone is a teacher if you’re ready to be the pupil. Here’s the 9th one in the series.

You don’t realise how someone is feeling in a situation until you go through the same thing.

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Theatrics of the Human Mind

Human behaviour and the various varieties we see every day – an amazing study in itself. You can know much about the person by his behaviour, and when I say know it includes the past, the present & the future. Scary right? Not so much if you portray your true self, definitely yes if you’re hiding something. And all of this is possible by just studying your behaviour & analysing how your mind functions. One of the reasons that I took to studying psychology as a subject. Knowing about the human mind and how it affects everything around us & how we act is an eye-opening self-introspection. It makes one question our perceptions & gives us a reason to delve further into why a person is reacting the way they are.

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