The quarter-life *crisis*, some bit deciphered!

So it’s been almost 2 years to the blog post on quarter life crisis that I’d written. And while I’m still questioning the whole crisis phase, and why we do term it as one, my understanding of these years-in-dilemma seems to have evolved over the past year or so. Maybe because I’m to complete 26 rounds around the sun this March (definitely ageing – maturing, to feel better!), the past years have started seeming like a great book to read & learn from.

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A confluence of teenage years & 30’s responsibilities – the quarter-life crisis ?

It’s been a while that I thought of writing on the “quarter-life” crisis, because more than often this is one term I come across a lot. And why not, I’m myself in the quarter-life times of my existence on this earth, and my peer group too belongs to the same. So we all are kind of breathing in the same “troubled” waters to say – terming our 20’s as the “quarter-life-crisis” !

It sounds interesting when people say your teenage years are for you to find yourself, discover what you want to do. And amazingly, what happens is we spend most of these years “chasing the cat”, or better to say, being a part of the “rat-race”. Crazy lifestyle the teenage years had – with the more than needed hula-bula about completing education with distinction so as not to become an ailing link in the society – because well, our society still stamps you with the mark sheet. So while teenage years should have essentially been spent figuring out what we want to do in the years to come, or to understand our purpose on Earth (we all have one, don’t forget), we pushed all that thinking for the later years, our 20’s.

And well, the 20’s were supposed to be the selfish years, we doing what we wanted or had decided in our teenage years to do, achieving success in all that, and building the foundation for a relaxed stable family life in the 30’s.

Come back to the present my dear, it never does happen that way now. 20’s also has the responsibilities of earning for the family, the responsibilities of running the company, and maybe in some cases, taking care of marriage too ! We moved on pretty fast I think. But, can we help the speed – NO !

With such huge amount of competition, and with almost everyone making everything under the sun seem as a race to win, much of our labour is lost going after the unnecessary. For now, the task list functions more on the “urgent & necessary” than the “important & essential”. And though we might not have lost all that love for becoming ourselves in this mucky race, we sure have become a confused set of people, the 20’s group.

What exactly is it that we are missing, I’m yet figure out. Probably an open question for me to ponder upon for a later post.

Till then, I think I should catch up on my late Sunday lunch.

May all be well in the sunny side of our minds – for it is what gives us hope to carry along our dreams ! ;)