Are we getting a bit TOO impatient ?

To think about it, we actually are turning out to be a very impatient generation. Yeah I too have been through this quite a many times – in fact more than once in a day during those “I-don’t-have-a-future” sorts dilemma aeons ! And all this not because we all are actually retards with no talent – but people with fairly less patience – the patience to see our work give us results – or something to happen according to our plan, for that matter.

And during all this impatience we end up cursing ourselves – self pity, or even better, comparing ourselves with others around. Glorifying people’s achievements, thinking about the grand life they might be having, even if it is of that fellow who keeps on tagging himself at various events all around the city while sitting at home – who knows ! :/

And the fault does not lie entirely in us. It is more because of the openness that people have nowadays – or the social network fall out. People’s daily social feed will be full of other people’s success stories, what great personality they met, which great place they visited, what great work they accomplished today – all that which makes one start analysing their own life in a very critic way. While forgetting the pages full of awesomeness that they are, something that their resume showcases pretty aptly !

So all in all, we, in spite of doing so much each day, accomplishing way more than many don’t, we end up comparing ourselves to people who might have done so much that they have over a large period of life. Something that we forget each time, no one is EVER an overnight success. What we see is always a summary of their accomplishments, whereas their whole story might be a very boring encyclopaedia of events with just some spurts of action & masala (as they call it for a really good watch) !

And the only solution to this could be the Zen way – breathe in breathe out ! Nothing else matters.

Do what you’re doing according to your plan for life & everything good will happen, you don’t make a good story if you don’t go through the ups & downs of life – because very frankly that is what gives drama to your life, without which it would have been very boring !

Ending this post reminds me of a line my darling kid brother keeps on repeating any time he sees me starting to crib – “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Very intelligent guy he is for his age of 21, because this line, though very simple, reminds me of something which we forget so wilfully. Happiness helps us concour even the most extreme situations, the frown lines are just a small stone for it. :)