Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. D Day: Embrace All Experiences

Teachers’ Day finally & the countdown has ended. After wishing everyone whose contribution I remembered through these posts (and also a few more, while definitely missing many) on this day, (well, after a tiring long Monday) I now sit down to write what my favourite teacher for life taught – Maa.

Embrace All Experiences – They All Teach You Something

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Why the hurry to know the future ?

It is amazing how many of us spend hours wondering what the future holds for us. And this wondering doesn’t just encapsulate all those child like dreams that we all have, but also all that stress of what would happen if we don’t achieve what we’ve planned to, what would happen if we are faced with events in life which all of us dread.

Since time immemorial, it is this speculation of the moments to come that has given hope to many, while taken the soul out of the infinite many too ! Does call for a thought on how a guy grieving in his present, going through all the miseries that one could think of, but still optimistic of the future, dreaming of the fine life that he would have – with just a few more dark days to cross. While on the other side a really happy-go-lucky lad crashes down thinking or probably dreading how the world would be since he might just fail on his this new job. Both taking clue from the same future.

And it is not just these extreme versions, it is each of us who keep on worrying ourselves of what tomorrow holds for us. No wonder isn’t it that the astrology sites are doing so great nowadays ! Any day which doesn’t feel promising does end up on the astro site – to check whether the future isn’t this bleak. At the same time, those daily predictions have the whole sole right to make or break your day – depends on the amount you trust them – or your own instinct.

All this reminds me of a talk with one of my brothers, son of a great astrologer himself, he has always been pretty convinced that the future is what we write, none that can be predicted. And while we both regard the astrological science hugely, coming to this conclusion seemed the best – that whatever be foreseen is only faint speculation – nothing that can actually affect our actions or fate much than our own thinking towards that speculation.

So this, and probably a promise to another brother of mine (keep counting ! :P ), to not see predictions, I’ve, a surprise to myself, left this year totally to living each day as it comes. It’s been 2 months now (1.5 ok) that I’ve not seen what Ganesha says, or probably the numerological predictions, and trust me – this year has been one of the most surprising ones in my life ! Each month with it’s own surprise in store – some great, some not so great – but nevertheless each making me realise that life is just breathing in & breathing out – while taking in all those moments. Life is a journey not a destination they said, remember.

But yes, the most space occupying entity in our minds, will always be the same thing over & over again..

And it introduces itself as “Main Samay Hun”. ;)