Here’s to 2016!

I seem to be coming here very less, given the WordPress editor is looking really different – in a good way! And of course the last year’s statistics on the blog prove that – 2 blogs in the whole year – sad! :P

Anyhow, definitely improving on the count this year, the reason I have decided to blog more often – maybe twice once a month as a far-fetched target! :D (Now that I’ve publicly declared, I should stick to it! :P )

Edit: As the popular quote goes – January was a trial – the year begins from February! :D No wonder this post is being reviewed for publishing after a month of starting it! :O

I was discussing with my dear friend on New Year’s night how all new starts – the new year, the new month or birthdays – they each make us feel really optimistic. Optimistic of us working on our goals with renewed passion, optimistic of having something new with us – a whole year or month, and more importantly – optimistic of reinventing ourselves so that we can make the best of this new gift!

I definitely was thinking of writing down about the lessons from last year in my blog today, for last year had been an adventurous, soul searching period. But I rather thought that maybe this blog could better be a reminder about what stays put during this process of reinvention that we begin this year.

And I think of the most important 10 things (in no particular order):

1. Don’t stop believing in yourself

Often in this crazy, socially connected outside world, filled with constant comparisons & rocket-paced success stories, we end up belittling ourselves. We might not be having that success in the same time-frame as our idolized success figure, we might be crawling in the race of adding items to the achievements list, we might be failing more than often – but that’s just what is making the process more enriching. To not believe in oneself only makes the whole journey more traumatic, more challenging & definitely more unachievable. Been there, done that bro! Low self-confidence hits you hard & confidence is the only accelerator in your path to success. Ride on, race on – believe in yourself!

2. Dream big & have the courage to chase them in spite of the odds stacked against you

This adds to the previous point. The day we start targeting smaller goals, is the day we start forgetting our true potential. Whatever’s not challenged is what’s not explored. Move beyond your comfort zone (tells my God-sister more than often!), do what scares you, and never feel shy of dreaming big. It obviously isn’t going to be an easy journey (who serves grand desert plates for free?! Huh!) but it’s definitely going to be worth it! And you’re going to thank yourself later for pushing the envelope further than you expected you could.

3. Entitlement is a quagmire

Entitlement – and the habit of feeling entitled to a certain sort of behaviour is definitely a quagmire. An unending expectation drive that gets you nowhere – or maybe yes it does – a fast ride to disappointment! You may feel you’re entitled because of your status, your family, your gender, your relationship & past expectations – but it may never happen that way AND it’s ok! Expectations as they say should never be from others – they should be from yourself. And the best way to stay happy & not quizzing everything with why & why not is to avoid disappointment – that is, not feel entitled. Though if it comes to respect – if you’ve earned it, you damn well deserve that – wholly entitled to it!

4. Be expressive, miscommunication is the foundation of every fallout

Well, this one I’m myself fairly notorious for! I may take offence with something & not be expressive about it or not convey my exact feelings or state of mind to the other person which would ultimately result in a fallout – too many instances to count here! So one thing that stays as a learning & builds upon the foundation of just keep talking – avoid miscommunication! We may not realize, but most often than not being expressive about the matter – talking out with the person in question almost always sorts out stuff & also helps you clear a lot of negative thought clutter collecting in your mind. Clean up! Communicate!

5. Love, even though it might hurt at times

Yeah, surprise surprise! We are talking of love here! :P Love, of any kind – be it in family, in friendship – in any relationship – will hurt. Period. Because you would feel entitled to something, you would have build expectations & then there’s this time constraint that everyone seems to be having while building their own individual success story. But, as my darling girl friend told me once – NEVER change your own outlook of love – still love fiercely! For that is one quality that differentiates you! (She said that for me, but I’m sure it holds true for all of you! :D )

6. Take care of yourself, your body is the only vehicle you have

Ah! This one’s definitely been true for me. Failing to take care of myself has costed me a lot of time & given me a lot of moments which I thoroughly despise! I still remember a day back last year where I almost had a feeling that everything was going to be over – VERY scary! (Not to panic – it turned out be a huge NON-issue compared to what I made it up to be! :D ) While the whole experience did help me put things in perspective – the first thought that came to my mind was that I couldn’t die because I’d so much to do still! :P But it isn’t something I would want to repeat! Though the improvement scale is only increasing by micro points, it’s a daily push to keep this vehicle in good condition. Enough reminders already.

7. Spend time with your family, we often take them for granted, for too long

Yes, we do that! Sometimes even when we really did intend to give them our maximum time, we take them for granted at more times than it would be okay. You really can’t compare the role of you family to anyone else’s in your life. They are there at every step, at every instance to help you, motivate you & love you – unconditionally! Your friends, your extended society circle – even your relatives may not know your daily challenges, struggles & achievements as greatly as your family. And love is nothing else but undivided attention & time to them. This one’s a reminder to avoid times such as when I might have been a miser in giving them that.

8. Trust the process

Frustration, disappointment & anxiety – all can be removed if we just trust the process! Easier said than done, but yes, the sooner we realize that whatever’s happening is happening at just the right speed & for the right moment is when we give ourselves a little more momentum to follow our path & put in more fuel to our decreasing passion. Whatever experiences are happening are being crafted like this so that you can be prepared for the future & its challenges – everything’s essential in this grand plan for you. And if you’ve not yet read the beautiful book “The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho” – you definitely need to! Maktub is the word to live by boss! (By the way, Maktub means “it is written”, in Arabic.)

9. Embrace imperfection

No one’s perfect – we each have our flaws & that’s how everything around is beautiful! Perfection isn’t beauty, imperfection is. Because then there is room for work, because then there is hope, because then there is life beyond the current moment. In our struggle to make things perfect, we often let go of all the other things that make it more individually perfect – in its own sense. Perfection is just another’s imperfect viewpoint, we shouldn’t forget. Parameters set by just as failing individuals like us! :P So yeah, let loose, embrace the imperfection. And as advised last week to me – be a madman more often! :D Crazy in your pursuits, breaking walls – no smashing them down – and just individualistically perfect!

10. No one is you & that is your power

And this brings us to the last point of the list – you’re a world in yourself, never forget that! Given my crazy discussions about sun signs, moon signs & all things occult – I can more often than not come back to this point – we are all wonders, similar yet unique in ourselves. The stars & the planets were in a very distinctive pattern when you were born & that moment of glory wasn’t just another addition to the population chart! It is a very unique combination of experiences, perspectives & talents that you give to this world. No one else will be able to offer all this to this great whole Earth – but you & that’s your power. You’re special. Don’t forget. :)

*Sigh* Such a long list of reminders for the whole year & ahead. But a must for me to go through in case I feel lost or just sad that the Nutella jar finished! Wonderful times in 2016 – coming your way & mine! Happy New Year! (Is it too late to say that! :P )

And just to let you know, this is what is happening to my new year goals till now – so I definitely need my self-talk to set myself right! :D (That’s when I didn’t even put gyming on the list this year!)


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