Having It All.

Well, missed May in the per month blog target – seems like I’ll have to make up for it in June. No issues :D

The late twenties seem to be offering way too many instances which make me go into deep thinking bouts. Getting old comes with a lot of introspection – no doubt about that! But what do we do with that amount of introspection?

Depends. It has the potential to fire up your belly & make you really passionate and energetic about something, and at the same time has the disadvantage of making you mull over all the mistakes of your life – one after the other – dissected moment by moment to tell you how foolish you can be.

Bro, that’s life – such highs & lows are part of life. And we may understand it or it may run like a Chinese movie in front of us without subtitles – the time is nevertheless going to pass.

And in all these moments you’ll always have this one question – will you ever have it all?

Frankly, there’s so much to have in this world full of targets. A successful career, a loving family life, a thriving social life, a healthy body & most importantly a sane mind. Can you actually have it all?

Difficult. Fairly difficult. Just look at the list! It’s a collection of superlatives. Ever heard someone get a 100% in all subjects? Boss, that doesn’t happen.

But think about it this way. One could be 100%, right? Maybe that’s what it is all about – having it all.

Nothing’s going to be perfect. You’ll not have it all together. But you’ll have it in phases – all perfect. Sometimes your career is going stink – but your family & friends’ love will make up for it all. Your health at times won’t give you good company – but your sane mind shall have the patience to recuperate well. And maybe, at times your family or social life will be silly, irritating or just plain confusing – then maybe your career is what is going to offer healing till time takes a positive turn.

It’s like the juggler. Juggling the balls, one is in the air, two/three in hand & maybe one in the lower rung – waiting to take a better position. Well, you’re the juggler & these balls your career, health, family, love & mind.

And I’ve come across so many of us still trying to make it perfect. Checking all boxes. It may not happen. But what should happen is that we keep on hustling to make it all perfect.

Be persistent with our chances. We may fail 7 times, but we shall emerge a winner the 8th.

Be stubborn with our loved ones. Not let them go. Whoever crazy it be.

Be a good listener, for others & for yourself too. Your body & mind speak the best for you – but it’s a faint voice. Don’t let it go unheard.

Draw the line when necessary. Often times we keep on moving with stuff that’s unnecessary – stuff which no longer fuels our growth. Chuck it out or just bury it deep to never pick on it again.

Well, probably all this will help in making some sense with time.

Is it making sense to me? At this moment – no. But maybe down the line it all will.

As they say:

It’s often a good idea to take another route than be stuck in a traffic jam for the rest of your life. The detour may get you faster or may not get you faster to your destination – but being stuck somewhere will definitely not get you anywhere.

Right now, the traffic jam was my overflowing brain, and writing seemed like a good detour.

So till I come back again to tick some boxes on the goals, keep hustling.

Having it all is a myth. But the illusion is great – you can have it all in your mind. :)


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