Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. Day 11: You can’t be too naive

4th post in the series to acknowledge the teachers in our lives, the ones who educated us in schools & colleges and also the ones who did in life beyond these places.

You cannot be too naive, in business & in life both.

This one came from my elder cousin brother, who like me is a third generation entrepreneur. We were talking about how people at times bend the rules to get work done. He, very lovingly laughing at my naivety, yet pretty firmly said this – kid, you can’t be too naive in business otherwise people would take undue advantage of you or maybe move up the ladder while you keep playing it by the book.

Though, anyone in their righteous mind would have felt it is wrong to think so, I found that he was right given the best of the entrepreneurs that we have come across have once in their lifetime bent the rules to be the success they are today. Also, this holds true not just for business, but for everything else in life. As Chanakya says: straight trees are cut first!

So yeah, some family training out here :P


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