Teachers’ Day Fortnight Countdown Lessons. D Day: Embrace All Experiences

Teachers’ Day finally & the countdown has ended. After wishing everyone whose contribution I remembered through these posts (and also a few more, while definitely missing many) on this day, (well, after a tiring long Monday) I now sit down to write what my favourite teacher for life taught – Maa.

Embrace All Experiences – They All Teach You Something

Mommy dearest always says this, and especially reiterates this during the times of failures till it sits down well in my mind – whatever happened was not a waste & I’m sure you learned something out of it. We often think of our times, specifically the not so good times, as experiences which were a waste & shouldn’t have happened. Obviously we want more of the good times & as often as possible. But taking life in its entirety is how its enjoyed maybe. While the good experiences teach us how good we are at the stuff we do, and how much we are capable of achieving; the not so good times teach us the amount of strength we have and most often than not what doesn’t work & where we should invest more (time, money, effort).

But then, human behaviour. We often sit back & mull over the setbacks so much that we don’t appreciate the good that came out of it. So, it is often mental training to make you see the positive in everything. That takes time, but you can be a pro real soon! Especially with Moms like mine! ^_^

So, till the next time I sit down to write, Sayonara & A Happy Teachers’ Day (Week, Month, Year! Just celebrate yourself each day is the motto!) ;)


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